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Co-conspirators saw RSS man as ISI mole

Vishwa Mohan, TNN | Jan 9, 2011, 02.45AM IST The Times of India

RSS leader Indresh Kumar  may be under CBI scanner for his suspected role in “saffron” terror but he might have been seen as an apostate by the Abhinav Bharat crew with Lt Col Srikant Purohit, held for the Malegaon blast, seeing the Sangh man as an “ISI agent”.

In his confession in the Mecca Masjid case, Swami Aseemanand, who claims to know a lot about a number of bomb blasts allegedly carried out by Hindu extremists in 2006-08, has said Purohit saw Indresh as a renegade
who had crossed over to the other side.

Aseemanand has recalled that Purohit had “also” once told him that “Indreshji is an ISI agent” and he (Purohit) had documents with him about this – indicating that others might have earlier told the Swami about the RSS man’s Pakistan links. He, however, added, “…Col Purohit had never shown him those documents”. Purohit – who had worked with Military Intelligence for many years – is currently in jail.

Indresh had earlier attracted sharp criticism from Purohit and other radicals for his attempt to woo Muslims in Jammu & Kashmir. The RSS leader’s bid to flag off Muslims on yatras – a scheme that went largely unnoticed – had incensed some of the Abhinav Bharat members.

The Swami in his statement has also claimed that Sunil Joshi (the operational man who was allegedly killed by his own men) had told him that two Muslim boys along with him (Joshi) and others carried out the blast in Ajmer (in October 2007).

“When I asked Sunil Joshi as to how did he get Muslim boys, he told me that Indreshji had given it to him,” claimed Aseemanand in his confession, made before metropolitan magistrate Deepak Dabas here last month in connection with the Mecca Masjid blast case of the CBI.

The Swami, born as Naba Kumar Sarkar, while referring to these two Muslim boys said he warned Joshi that if he was caught then Indresh’s name would also be exposed. This was why Joshi had a threat on his life from Indresh.
Aseemanand claimed that he also told Joshi that by using Muslim boys he would end up being targetted by Islamic extremists too.

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